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Accurate time tracking

  • It’s not just about filling a timesheet on Monday. Our product is focused on making data meaningful, helpful in managing your projects and clients.

Always staying in the know

  • Forewarned is forearmed. At Everhour we keep you up-to-date on progress in the most convenient and less time-consuming manner.

Professional invoicing

  • Create accurate invoices from the logged work just in a few clicks. Watch the reported time and the accurate time invoiced.
Johannes Crepon

Johannes Crepon

Founder / CEO at Velocity

Before Everhour we‘ve worked with Excel, which was not practical for us

As a primary project management tool we’re using Asana. With Asana, there are numerous advantages combined: intuitive interfaces, variable evaluation options and a very practical Everhour integration which allows us to track times of projects and tasks even when days are stressful.

Grzegorz Mogilewski

Grzegorz Mogilewski


We switched to Everhour after 4 years of Toggl. I always find their reporting hard to use

In my opinion, Everhour has a better UI compared to Toggl. I liked how naturally their timer button looks inside Asana tasks, besides, they nicely calculate the subtask time. Another advantage are comprehensive reports that I can customize to show the data I really want to see.

ICONARIS is a Business Design and Online Marketing agency.

Jon Wilcox

Jon Wilcox

Senior Graphic Designer at Mount Hermon Association

None of other time tracking tools that we tested, including Toggl, had something close

Evehour has a much deeper integration with Basecamp that is a must for us.

We are a marketing and design team within a larger non-profit organization. Since funds are always carefully scrutinized we want to make sure that we are being good stewards. Time tracking allows us to look at the totality of the project and justify or use data to discontinue something that we are doing.

Steve Phipps

Steve Phipps

Founder/President at Wayfind Marketing

Everhour is a better overall value for my budget

I switched from Harvest for three primary reasons: 1) Because Everhour allows for creating time estimates at the task level in Asana. Harvest lets you track time at the task level but it doesn’t offer time estimates which I need for my team; 2) I really like the custom reporting options that Everhour offer (which Harvest does not); 3) Everhour is a better overall value for my budget.

Wayfind Marketing serve as an outsourced CMO to help business leaders make smart marketing decisions that get results.

Kata Breman

Kata Breman

Director of Operations and Key Accounts at Peak Seven Advertising

The seamless integration between Everhour and Basecamp is paramount

We have been using Harvest for over 4 years. At a boutique agency like ours, everybody wears a lot of hats, so it's important that we use an efficient system that works well for our purpose. Using Harvest, we had to double admin projects. We tried 3rd party integrations but they didn't work well either. Everhour's logic is different than Harvest's which takes some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s so much better.

Peak Seven Advertising uses the creative flair to strategize stunning advertising and marketing campaigns that drive results.


What’s so special about Everhour?


Seamless integrations

  • If your team actively uses project management tools like Asana, Trello, Basecamp, GitHub, JIRA or Pivotal Tracker, Everhour offers just the best integration for any of them: use a timer, estimates, and analytics right inside your existing interface.

Custom reporting

  • With Everhour, you can build clean and professional time reports of any kind. They are more than just a monthly timesheets - they give you great project insights. To get a better idea of ​​what it’s about, take a look at our sample gallery.


  • The unique estimating feature will help your team to stay within the budgets and scheduled timeframes. You can see in your reports how much time left due to a milestone, teammate or a particular project.

Task boards

  • Organize particularly any team activities on a single board. It works better than just a project with activity types in other time trackers. Separate boards by project or client, divide them into different categories to get best visual insights of your team progress.

Live dashboard

  • Watch in real time who is working at this moment and on what task, track their past activities for today and identify those who didn’t report a minute today at all. Our users love this feature.
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Enterprise-level analytics wrapped
in a simple interface

Everhour monthly timesheet report

Monthly timesheet

See time spent by your team for a certain period

Everhour sprint progress report

Sprint progress

Track progress of all current iterations in your project

Everhour report by tag

Activities by tag

Use tags to group time by various categories