Time tracking software for teams


Accurate time tracking

Manually log time or use timer just in one click. Personal estimates and progress bars will let your employees stay within the deadlines and budgets.

Scan and manage time entries
Control your workload
Time tracking - My activity

Real-time dashboard

Regularly find who is working at this moment and on what, their past activities for today and identify those who didn’t report a minute at all.

Running timers of your team
Time tracking - Team summary

Summary emails

Know your team’s progress by the start of the working day, week or each month. It’s right in your pocket every morning.

Total time by member and project
Compare reported time
Timesheet summary email

Flexible reports

Everhour report is an array of filters, columns, groups, and conditions that you can save to make a report look the way you want. So there are no fixed and unchangeable reports.

Configure reports
Conditional formatting
Custom time report

To get a better idea of what it’s about, take a look at our sample gallery.

Useful integrations

Everhour works how you like and where you like — in your chosen professional environment. See how they work.

Everhour + Asana

Use Everhour to track time for any task and sub-task, watch estimates and total hours spent without leaving Asana.

Everhour + Trello

Everhour makes it possible to track time, set estimates, watch progress and overtime - all inside Trello cards.

Everhour + Basecamp

Get real-time data on how much time your team spends on projects without ever leaving Basecamp.

Everhour + JIRA

Time tracking and reporting integration to help teams manage time for accounting, payroll and client billing.

Everhour + GitHub

Time tracking for GitHub Issues. Quickly see how much time is given to an issue and allocate resources efficiently.

Everhour + Pivotal

Analyze time spent by types, statuses, and tags. Always be aware of total time and cost of the project.

Everhour + Teamwork

Track how much time your team spends on milestones, tasks, and projects using the time tracking integration

Everhour + BitBucket

Keep track of your time while working on project issues right from BitBucket and get in-depth reports

Turn your hours into invoices

Create accurate invoices from the logged work just in a few clicks. Watch the reported and accurately invoiced time.


Click here to download a sample invoice created with Everhour.

More than 1,000 businesses use Everhour to manage their projects

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  • American Cancer Society